Pediatric Enteral Nutrition Series 2024: Mastering Initiating, Weaning, Blending & Tube Site Challenges

A Webinar Series

If you see patients receiving tube feeds in your practice, you won't want to miss this series.

Tired of webinars that only go over guidelines and recent research when it comes to enteral nutrition?

We've designed a 4-part webinar series that will give you the practical knowledge and skills you need to confidently support your patients with tubes.

Everything from how to initiate and monitor enteral nutrition, to expanding your skill set and use a framework to wean your patients off safely when they are ready. We'll dive deeper into how best to support families that choose to put real food in their tubes. And, for those curious dietitians that want to practice at their full scope, we'll go over tubes and sites so you are more comfortable problem solving when challenges happen.

Our Pediatric Enteral Nutrition Series 2024 is for you, if…

  • You want to go beyond textbooks and guidelines and become comfortable selecting the right formula, assessing calorie needs, designing the best tube feeding regimen and optimizing tolerance before problems appear.
  • You want a framework to help guide which patients can safely be weaned from enteral nutrition, how to do so safely and what parameters to monitor.
  • You want to help support families choosing blenderized diets for tube feeding by providing more than just recipe templates - but, you want those too!
  • You want to expand your skill set and practice at your full scope of practice by understanding how tubes work, the medical terms and what they mean, and being able to troubleshoot when equipment and sites are causing your patient issues.

We are thrilled to be presenting this Pediatric Enteral Nutrition Series 2024 featuring four guest speakers, experts in their fields. Here are the most common questions they get asked:

Katherine: How do I pick the right formula? How do I calculate energy requirements, especially in children with special needs? My patient isn’t tolerating, how do I know if it’s the formula or not?

Julie: How do I know if my patient is ready to be weaned off their tube feeds? How do I start? And what do I need to monitor so I do this safely?

Hilarie: How do I move past only giving recipe templates to families choosing to go the blended diet route and learn how to navigate common challenges?

Cynthia: How do tubes work? How do they fit? What are the parts and what do they do? Can I look at my patient’s tube site? What do I do if my patient is experiencing tube site challenges? How do we go about problem solving and playing an active role?

Pediatric Enteral Nutrition Series 2024: Mastering Initiating, Weaning, Blending & Tube Site Challenges

Within this webinar series, you can expect:

  • Four live webinars (1.5 hours each), two per week starting May 28, 2024
  • Recordings to watch at your convenience if you cannot make it live
  • Opportunities to ask the speakers questions during the live event
  • Live events are approved for 6 CPEUs by the Commission on Dietetic Registration in the US. Pending approval for the recordings, expected 4-6 weeks after the live events.


  • $199 USD - Early Bird Deadline is May 21, 2024 @ 4pm EDT
  • $249 USD - Full Price

Introducing Our Sessions & Speakers

Katherine Bennett , MPH, RD, CLEC

Initiating & Monitoring Enteral Nutrition in the Pediatric Patient

⭐ Recording Now Available ⭐

Through 5 case studies, Katherine will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to initiate and manage enteral nutrition in the pediatric population as well as highlight additional considerations with each patient case using current research and clinical practice guidelines.

In each case she will help you navigate formula considerations, how to develop a tube feeding regimen, estimating nutrition needs and special considerations for optimizing tolerance and ensuring adequate growth.

Case #1: Term infant with reflux, oral aversion, needing tube feeding (short term)

Case #2: Complex care child with neurological disorder requiring tube feeding (long term)

Case #3: Child transitioning from nasogastric tube feedings to gastrostomy tube feedings (long term)

Case #4: Malnourished child with limited oral intake requiring tube feedings (short term vs long term)

Case #5: Child with ARFID requiring tube feedings (short term vs long term)

Working as a pediatric dietitian since 2003, Katherine Bennett has become a specialist in pediatric nutrition support, serving children of all ages through CHOC Children’s Hospital Gastroenterology and Nutrition program. Katherine is passionate about enteral nutrition support in the pediatric population and strives to make tube feeding as easy and normal as possible for clinicians, patients, and families alike.

She is a published author and has spoken on the local and national level on pediatric tube feeding and blenderized tube feeding, encouraging further education and support of real food-based tube feeding. Katherine is currently the principal investigator on a CHOC research project evaluating the impact of blenderized tube feeding on feeding intolerance and the gut microbiome in pediatric tube fed patients.

Dr. Julie Johnstone, MD (FRCPC), MScCH

Want Tubie an Expert? Developing Expertise in Pediatric Enteral Tube Weaning

⭐ Recording Now Available ⭐

This session will alternate between lecture-style presentations and practical exercises. The lecture portion will present evidence and describe best practice for enteral tube weaning in pediatrics. Students will have an opportunity to work through a case to identify opportunities to minimize tube dependence and/or wean and will develop a tube weaning plan.

Define tube dependence

Formulate care plans using the Pediatric Feeding Disorder framework

Understand the value of weight-for-length in tube weaning

Use hunger-induction and behavior modification techniques for tube weaning

Follow weaning patients and monitor for complications

Dr. Julie Johnstone is a Staff Paediatrician and Hospitalist at the Hospital for Sick Children with a special interest in feeding and growth issues in the context of medical complexity. She supports decision making for children requiring enteral tube feeding and runs an outpatient Enteral Tube Weaning Program. She is the lead physician for the Durham Complex Care Program and works to support interdisciplinary teams in the care of children with medical complexity.

As a medical educator, Dr. Johnstone has a MScCH in Health Practitioner Education. She has a focus in assessment in residency training and the implementation of Competence By Design. She is the Director of Assessment and Special Projects and Competence Committee Chair for the Core Paediatrics Residency Training Program at the University of Toronto, the Director of Education for the Division of Paediatric Medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children, and the Faculty Lead for Post Graduate Medical Education Assessment at the University of Toronto Temerty Faculty of Medicine.

Hilarie Geurink, RD, CSP

Mastering the Blend: Empowering Patients to Thrive on Tube Feeds

Live via Zoom, June 4, 2024 from 2 - 3:30pm EDT

This session provides clinicians with a practical approach for helping patients transition to real food for tube feeding. Through hands on tips and tailored strategies for various patient scenarios, clinicians and patients will gain confidence they can successfully provide real food for tube feeding. This session aims to show a feeding tube is just another way to get nutrition into the body, and real food is not only safe, but provides so many amazing benefits.

Foundational understanding: What is blenderized tube feedings, what is the history of using real food for tube feeding, the benefits, and criteria for eligibility.

Practical skills: Learn how to set up for success, equipment needed, simple tweaks to improve digestion before starting and different blending strategies. Understand safe preparation, storing and feeding techniques, and how to introduce new foods.

Navigate common challenges: How do you support parents in achieving long-term success and ensure optimal outcomes? Hilarie will go through navigating clogged tubes, consistency issues, nutrient intake and growth.

Case Study: Progressing past recipe template handouts and applying the new knowledge to a case.

Hilarie Geurink is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Pediatrics who has been helping families with tube feeding for over 8 years. She is the owner and founder of Blended Tube Feeding, a private practice dedicated to helping those fed by feeding tube incorporate real food into their routine so they can feel better and share in family meals. Prior to starting her private practice, she worked as a clinical dietitian at a children’s hospital in Michigan. She completed her dietetic internship at the University of California Davis Medical Center and her undergraduate degree at Michigan State University.

Cynthia Reddick, RD, CNSC

Tiny Tummies, Big Triumphs: Troubleshooting Pediatric Enteral Tube Site Challenges

Live via Zoom, June 6, 2024 from 2 - 3:30pm EDT

In this session, you will explore crucial insights into handling and preventing complications related to enteral tube sites. Cynthia will teach you how to uncover the nuances of the healing process post-placement and identify potential complications at home then elevate your expertise with interventions for minor stoma site issues and unlock strategies to prevent these challenges. This information along with the case based examples will enhance your skills in managing common challenges associated with long term enteral access.

Long term enteral access: Everything on site selection considerations, anatomy of tube placement and placement techniques. Understand normal healing and stoma maturation, gastropexy techniques and post procedure use.

Tube basics: What are standard profile tubes vs low profile tubes vs balloon and non-balloon style tubes?

Background, case examples and complication management: Uncomfortable with tube complications? Feel like this is outside of your scope? Cynthia goes over what you can do with yeast infections, hypergranulation, leaky tube sites, non-symmetrical balloon inflation, tube damage and fungal colonization of tubes.

Cynthia Reddick is a home tube feeding expert, educator and strategist having worked in homecare for over 25 years passionately facilitating patients’ successful transition from hospital to home on tube feeding. She works to promote positive clinical outcomes and believes a patient’s positive relationship with their feeding tube impacts adherence and quality of life. She developed her passion for nutrition support interning at the City of Hope National Medical Center in Southern California. In 2023, Cynthia received ASPEN’s HPEN Trailblazer Award.

Today, she works as a consultant to industry in the area of home tube feeding and enteral innovation and enjoys presenting round tables, clinical posters, webinars, and case studies in the area of home care tube feeding. She has been a guest speaker for the Oley Foundation, CMSA, NHIA, ASPEN and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on a variety of topics related to home tube feeding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the webinar recordings?
You will have access to the webinar series for at least one year from the date of the recording. Don't worry, we'll let you know ahead of time when your access will be ending so you get the most out of this series.
Do you offer group rates?
We do! If you have a group of 5 or more wanting to sign up for the series, please email us at [email protected] for further group rate information.
May I sign up for the webinar series if some of the live events have already taken place?
Yes! You may sign up at any point, even if some live events have already occurred. You will have access to the recordings of the live events you missed.

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