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September Newsbites: Pediatric Malnutrition - Dietitians Make a Difference

The month of September spotlights malnutrition. We’re sure your accounts have been bombarded with information, but here are some staggering pediatric stats: 📋 1 in 5 children admitted to a Canadian pediatric hospital are already malnourished (JPEDS 2018) 📋 In the US, up to 25% of all...


August Newsbites: How Did We Get Ourselves Into This?

Our blog this month is a little different! As many of you know, we offer online webinars and courses in pediatric nutrition. But what you may not know is how we went from having an idea and thinking about it for YEARS, to where we are today.We thought it might be fun to take you back in time...


July Newsbites: Online Tools for Growth & Malnutrition Assessment

Infant growth is one of those areas of practice that seems simple at first glance, but the more you dig, the more there is to it. For instance, how many of you who currently practice in pediatrics are using z-scores? Charlene is a homecare dietitian on the road seeing clients and admits she’s...


June Newsbites: Pediatric Nutrition Guidelines – staying up to date with the basics

We can't believe we're doing this. Our very first blog. Bear with us with the formatting, this is a steep learning curve for us 😉 You’ve told us that one of your biggest challenges with pediatric nutrition is staying up to date with the changing evidence and guidelines. Before you dive into...